No One Left Behind

Slum Dwellers talk about Safe and Inclusive Cities

No One Left Behind is a short film produced by IDS and Slum Dwellers International (SDI) which profiles the voices of the most marginalised urban residents narrating what a fruitful, violence-free life in the city means to them.  The film was made by slum dwellers themselves as part of SDI's Know Your City TV initiative.

"Rather than ostracise or criminalise city dwellers through a militarisation of the urban spaces we live, work and play in; the key is to involve the most marginalised in initiatives to address the challenges that face us all. This film shows, once again, that the most marginalised are the experts on their own condition, that they are willing to make the trade-offs and bargains needed to function in the city, and that they are continually innovating to improve their own prospects. Concrete ways to implement the NUA therefore begin with trusting the judgement of slum dwellers they do not make unreasonable demands, but sensible suggestions to make their lives violence free."

Jaideep Gupte (DPhil, Oxon.)
Fellow and Cities Cluster Joint-leader
Co-convenor MA in Poverty and Development
Institute of Development Studies
University of Sussex, UK

Security and inclusion in cities is a universal issues. Well-managed urbanisation can revitalise urban spaces that had either been lost to violence or suffered from a lack of access to basic services and neglect. Practitioners, community leaders and researchers must come together to ask what terms of inclusion are needed to adhere to the principles of the New Urban Agenda.